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This is for You!


The love is found way deep in the heart, It's what I have for you  even though you had to part.

With out you here and not to see your smile, Everyday I shed a tear, my heart is in denial.

An angel in disguise sent from above, Come down and show me the meaning of true love,

Can't no one erase you from my mind, You were some one smart, someone funny, someone kind.

"Full of Justice" describes your name, Justin, you should be written in the worlds book of fame.

You may not have been an actor, a singer, a movie star, but to me you beat all of them by far.

You are so great no one can compete, With the love you showed and the life you lived.

I can't wait for our paths to once again meet, And when this happens, us together again is the way it will be.

Forever and ever, all eternity

Love, Today ,Tomorrow, and Always