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      First of all I would like to think you for visiting Justin's site. My name is Jill, am 18 years old and lost "My Hero", Justin 7 years ago. Ever since then my life went on a new path, one which was felling an emptiness. August 24,1996 is the tragic day when my life turned upside down. This page is especially for him, " I Love You Justin". I hope my page touches your heart and the same way Justin touches mine. Even though he has passed I know he is here with me every second of every day. I can since his presence everywhere I go. I have to admit life isn't the same, and probably never will be, but I have to stay strong...for my parents and for him. I remember so clearly, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hands, the look in his eyes, the sent of his cologne. I don't dwell on all the old memories because those are the final memories I'll have of him , so I try to make them merry. It hurts when people talk of him in the past tense, because he didn't go anywhere. He is still right her with me. Just because you can't see him don't mean he isn't around ,it just means to look harder. I look into my heart and that's were I hold onto all our memories and all my feelings for him. As long as my heart is beating he'll never seize. Once more I want to thank you for visiting Justin's website.
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