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Angel up in Heaven, Are you here tonight with me. As my heart is low and heavy, And sleep won't come to me tonight. Angel up in Heaven , Can you answer me please. Has he really gone to Heaven, What was the great need?

God could see that he was needed, His work here was not done. He told Jill he'd watch her, And show her  the right way. Mistakes she won't be making, Because he'd guide her along the way.

Tonight Jessie called me, To say Alyssa misses him to, The times she'd played with her Adee,and all the kisses to. Now Jessie's heart is broken, He's not here today , to play with her daughter, All throw the day.

Jay named his son Justin, To help him throw the day. He holds his pain in tiely. And is strong for me today. Justin will never know, The uncle who's name he was given out of love.

ANGEL can you hear me, Janel needs him to, She needs to know her Adee for his love is so true. Angel up in Heaven, His dad needs him to. His heart is really broken, For his son that you took.

So Angel up in Heaven , I need you tonight, My son has gone to Heaven, And We need his hugs tonight.

Love Mom