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Justin had just turned 17 

    I would like to tell you a little about my son Justin. This site is for him, I guess it's my way of keeping his memory alive. It's almost 7 years now since he was taken from us. Our lives will never be the same.

I have been Blessed with Four children. First was my oldest son, then can a daughter, then came my Justin, and God Blessed is with one more daughter. I had the world at my feet. So many dreams come true (a loving family) and that we were. When one hurt we all hurt. We were all so close. God what more can a mother ask for? Until Aug.24,1996 at 2:53 a.m. When my world fell apart. My second born son was Killed. I remember that morning so well. He had gone on a camping trip with friends. He left Friday night about 5:00p.m. and was to come home Sunday morning. I can still see the smile on his face as he drove up the block and out of sight. I was so happy for him, he would have s good weekend. He had plenty of food, a new fishing pole, a new tent, he was set. This was to be his first time out with the boys camping and fishing. When he talked about all the things I had bought for him his face light up. It made my heart beat so fast to see him so excited. I made my husband come to the door just to lesson to him talk. Off he went blowing a kiss out the car window see you Sunday Mom love you. I went to be that night but sleep just wouldn't come. I guess around 5 I dosed off. About 7 a.m. the door bell rang. I heard my husband screaming no no no. I jumped out of bed I thought he had gotten hurt. When I got to the stairs I could see two police man standing there. I couldn't understand what was happening. My husband was crying and when I said his name he turned to me, Justin was killed. I looked at him like he easy crazy. No he isn't he is camping. Then the police said he was killed while walking on the PKWY that a car hit him. I still told them they were wrong he was camping and wouldn't be on the Parkway. They said his friend I. D. him and it was him. It was like the world stood still for a long time I guess it still does .Your body, your life is only pain. You can't breath,hear,you want for nothing, you only want to be with your child, and wake up from his night mare. I want to Thank my Children for being so understanding and loving ,it's because of them I am here today.